包括学术评分在内的每项分数都是基于定量和定性相结合的衡量标准,原告援引哈佛大学的这份招生指南作为证据,该文件曾用于指导招生人员如何为计划在2014年秋季入学的申请者打分, , Harvardnow stands on trial in Boston federal court to defend against allegations that its admissions process intentionally discriminates against Asian-American applicants. The plaintiffs introduced into evidence this week Harvard’s guidebook, are based on a formula. Every score, athletic achievement—and the intangible personal qualities that come through in student essays and teacher recommendations. 大学招生既是一门科学也是一门艺术, is based on both quantitative and qualitative measures, The document provides perhaps the most detailed look so far at exactly how Harvard weighs a high-school student’s accomplishments and background. 关于哈佛大学究竟是如何衡量一名高中生的成绩和背景的, used to assess the class that started in fall 2014,很多筛选审慎的大学会对申请者进行综合性的评估, extracurricular activities, Harvard has reiterated throughout the trial that none of the component ratings,他们在讨论录取谁、拒绝谁或将谁放到待定名单上时,该文件提供了可能迄今为止最详实的信息,在决定录取谁的过程中, Harvard says. The numbers are intended to act as a preliminary guide for the admissions committees as they discuss whom to admit, that instructs admissions officers how to score applications. 哈佛大学近日接受波士顿联邦法院庭审。

以及学生申请书和教师推荐信所展现出来的无形的个人品质, reject or waitlist. 哈佛大学在庭审过程中不断重申, College admissions are both an art and a science. In deciding who to admit, including the academic rating, community service, including the ones listed on pages 5 through 7 of the handbook below。

many selective universities employ a holistic review of applicants that assesses their grades and test scores,。